Afar Pastoralist Development Association (ADPA)


1 – Afar Education: The most crucial issue in the socio-economic development of the Afar is that of establishing accessible and appropriate education in the pastoral setting. Schools in towns and villages of the region that teach in Amharic, a language foreign to the Afar, have alienated the Afar herdsmen from education opportunity. While the […]

Mobile Primary Health

Health coverage in Afar Region Coverage in figures The region claims the following coverage: Overall health coverage: 52% EPI coverage: DPT 42% Potable water coverage: 32% Sanitation coverage: 2% Structural institutions The regional health structure consists of hospital → health center → clinic → health post. The government does not as yet have health agents […]

Water Harvesting

1.   Water development, the essential element for the Afar pastoralists Afar Region in eastern Ethiopia has the ignoble reputation of being the hottest inhabited place on Earth (National Geographic documentaries 2006 – ‘the Extremes’). With a normal rainfall of 100 to 300 mm per year across the region, the fear of thirst is endemic and […]

Pastoralist Women’s

The Role of women extension workers Within APDA, women extension workers are literate Afar women who are trained according to an agreed curriculum using an APDA – written training manual. Their training is upgraded annually and they are empowered to be agents of developmental change within the community they come from on: Hygiene and environmental […]


HIV & AIDS in the Afar society HIV in Afar Region: HIV & AIDS were apparent in the region as of the 1990’s. Initially the disease was associated with non-Afar but it became manifestly clear that the disease and transmission can and do have routes solely within the Afar society. The disease arises out of […]

Community cooperatives

Pastoralist Household Economic Development 1.   APDA’s economic development policy APDA as a community – based organization is therefore driven by community need. Since APDA’s aim is to empower the pastoralist community to development through their own means, then APDA is driven to see the absolute need and in fact urgency of facilitating household economic development. […]


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My Name is Zahra Ali Hamad.
Mar 05 2019

My Name is Zahra Ali Hamad. I am 15 years old. I learn grade 5 in Logya under APDA’s Girl’s Hostel . My education level is grade 5. I come from Teeru, digdiga kebele. I have extended family including my five sisters and three brothers. My future aspirations presidant of Afar Region. Education: one of […]

And on into 2019!!
Dec 28 2018

AFAR PASTORALIST DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION QAFAR DACARSITTOH DADALIH EGLA   Address: P.O. Box 592, Code 1,110, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Office location: Samara, Afar Region – Liaison Office, near Global Hotel, Addis Ababa Liaison Officer – 251 911170092/ 251 911246639 webpage:; Facebook address: Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA)   Phone numbers: 251 912840017 – Executive […]

Brief Minutes of Meeting of Adhoc, Voluntary Afar Language Education working Group
Nov 22 2018

Meeting held Saturday 17th, November, APDA Field Office, Samara Those attending: Darsa Kalifa from Bureau of Education Adam Muusa and Cuseen Acmad from Afar Regional Teachers’ College, Aysaqiita Muusa Qabdalla, Macammad Idriis, Cabib Macammad from Samara University Faculty of Afar Language Learning Qeysa Qadu from Afar Pen/ APDA Macammad Qali Macammad, Macammad Kayrat, Macammad Cuseen, […]