Valarie (Maalika)

Biography of Valerie Browning:

Maalika: my life among the Afar nomads of Africa (By Valerie Browning & John Little)

In 1973, Valerie Browning volunteered to go to Ethiopia to help the victims of a devastating famine. The continent and its people would become the guiding force of her life. Valerie and her husband Ismael have waged an incredible struggle along with APDA (Afar Pastrolist Development Organisation) an organisation they helped founder to bring health and education to people who would otherwise have nothing.

The book is written in collaboration with John Little, and published by Pan McMillan. Copies of Maalika are $35, including GST and postage. Order your copy of Maalika by contacting the AngliCORD office: (03) 9495 6100 or by