To Pastoral forum Ethiopia

March 3rd 2022

To Pastoral Forum Ethiopia


Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) as a member of your esteemed Forum most urgently asks you to enquire with the Organization of African Union and indeed any international Forum as to how the Afar pastoralist community is left to the demise of the Tigray People Liberation Army in the massive ground offense in northern Afar Region.


As of today, the main towns of Konnaba and Barahale districts are taken and in the process reportedly a huge massacre has taken place. As of the TPLF incursion into ‘Aba’ala district On December 17th 2021, the offensive has progressively advanced taking towns amid massive destruction and looting of government and private property.


The Afar Regional State has declared 294,000 people displaced from towns and rural settlements in the last 2 weeks, fleeing to save their lives from artillery fire and tank warfare, grabbing their children and running.


The irony that APDA would like you to address is that all this occurs prior and during the African Unity Summit in Addis Ababa where there is a pretext of ‘peace negotiations’. The dead and injured have not been numbered but it is known to this organization civilians fleeing scores have died in crossfire and hunger, hundreds are wounded and again more are missing. Now 4 districts are absolutely encircled, communities trapped and adjoining 2 are in fear of being overtaken. Without the Federal Army and without better sophistication than automatic rifles, the Afar people from the entire Region have rallied to try and defend land and people.


This now second military adventure following the first from July 16th to December 3rd in Central Western Afar Region where the health, education and water systems of some 450,000 people were trampled on and destroyed by the TPLF, thousands of pastoralist houses burnt, animals shot, burnt and eaten by the tramping armies. This is the fate the northern Afar are now enduring: their health facilities systematically ransacked, animals fleeing in terror and fired on, town businesses looted and destroyed, water systems dismantled.


APDA therefore appeals to the humanity of the World and directly the African Continent to call a halt to this unspeakable, diabolical sitiation. Afar pastoralists today are being stripped of their very life; livelihood and dignity while all, including the Ethiopian Government appear silent. It seems Afar people are now beleaguered, left to suffer on the stage of world politics, even the Afar Regional Government is strangely silent. 

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