Afar Pastoralist Development Association (ADPA)


Barefoot Initiative:

Barefoot initiative is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that has grown out of the initiative of a group of three young Australians interested in the sustainable development of marginalised communities. The name ‘Barefoot Initiative’ is symbolic of their goal to work closely with communities at a ground level assisting them in realising their ideas for development. Over the last three years they have been implementing small scale projects in the Afar – Amibara woreda.

Afarfriends in Sweden:

Afarfriends in Sweden is a humanitarian organisation whose main purpose is to spread information about the Afar people who live on the horn of Africa, and inform about their situation. It is also our goal, however, to engage in various types of development assistance projects in order to tangibly improve the Afar people’s standard of living.


Sonne-International is a small organisation, a socially active group of people, who are unwilling to accept the inequality in this world. The members of the SONNE team represent a variety of professions and live in different locations, but are united by a common vision:

“To actively contribute to achieving greater justice and equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their place of birth”

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Forum Kinder in Not, Germany
The purpose of the organisation is to help children in difficult situations. This means that in order to improve the living situation with regard to health, education and care, projects are supported which pursue these goals. All members of Forum Kinder in Not work voluntary so we have no administration costs. We support projects with which we have close contacts. In this way we achieve a sensible use of donations in accordance with our ideas without sharing the administrative costs of large organisations, a control over the use of funds and an optimal exchange of information with our partners.
The education programm of APDA is supported about 20 years now and we greatly appriciate their work for the Afar.