APDA discussed with the Erebti woreda health desk head and APDA field coordinators

Brief visit to Displaced from ‘Aba’ala now in Erebti town: December 23rd 2021


– APDA discussed with the Erebti woreda health desk head and APDA field coordinators


As is known, fighting broke out in the vicinity of ‘Aba’ala town on December 20th 2021. The TPLF were and continued to use heavy weapons firing into the town and the surrounds up until December 27th 2021. With this disruption, human casualty and partial destruction of a number of buildings in the town, all vulnerable people (women, children, elderly and ill) displaced either on foot, by bujuj or vehicle in the direction of Barhale or in the direction or Erebti. There are now four locations of the displaced, Erebti town being one of them. During the visit, it was not possible to go through ‘Aba’ala town to Barhale due to insecurity.


Those seen as displaced were in Erebti town, an estimated 12,000 people adding to the small town of around 4 to 5,000 people normally. They were first settled in the Erebti school compound and buildings but when this literally overflowed, people were put into local houses, a house having from 10 to 15 displaced people. When reached on December 23rd, they had received a small amount of ration from the government and there was expectation of more.


The town does have adequate water, the school compound having a tap and Roto storage but needing a length of tubing to bring the water from the tap to the Roto. The town also has water and 3 Roto storages were noted. There is a low trickle of water in the Erebti River running at the back of the town.


The following needs were mentioned:

  1. Household water storage – jerricans
  2. Blankets and clothes for cold weather
  3. Tarpaulin/ tent to house people as individual houses are stretched to the limit
  4. Food for children
  5. Medicines to treat the displaced – APDA did supply to the organization health workers there.
  6. Schooling – it was noted that there is a vast number of children, youth who could be better managed if they were in informal learning.
  7. Soap and hygiene facilities
  8. Latrines: this is probably the most urgent as there are NO functioning latrines in Erebti – school latrines are broken and blocked. The town does not have latrines in the firdt place so it would be better to construct more permanent than temporary trench latrines


Most displaced people are from urban living and as from phone connections December 28th, displacement is continuing to happen with a third place on the Erebti side – Mereeli where apparently there is water, a 3rd place and 2 on the Barhale side – APDA’s estimate is that the total displacement is over 30,000 people.

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