Afar Pastoralist Development Association (ADPA)

Brief Minutes of Meeting of Adhoc, Voluntary Afar Language Education working Group

Meeting held Saturday 17th, November, APDA Field Office, Samara

Those attending:

Darsa Kalifa from Bureau of Education

Adam Muusa and Cuseen Acmad from Afar Regional Teachers’ College, Aysaqiita

Muusa Qabdalla, Macammad Idriis, Cabib Macammad from Samara University Faculty of Afar Language Learning

Qeysa Qadu from Afar Pen/ APDA

Macammad Qali Macammad, Macammad Kayrat, Macammad Cuseen, Maalika from APDA


Purpose of the meeting:


  1. Re-enforcement of the need to gather all stakeholders to discuss challenges faced in Afar pastoralist education
  2. APDA to describe the progress made in Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) supported project in Tallalak and Xaali Fagi sharing the challenges encountered
  3. Discuss the training needs of Afar ABE facilitators in annual training as well as on-job training and how the group could have input


Points discussed:

  • APDA program coordinator presented the two types of education APDA implements in the pastoralist society
  • PCF project manager described progress over the so far 30 months implementing period in Tallalak and Xaali Fagi. The challenges faced were described and how the project plans to go forward in the coming 3 years
  • Samara university Afar language faculty recommended researching on how ABE sites function and therefore getting clear recommendations on how to take this strategy of education forward
  • ABE facilitators and Afar language teachers need motivation and encouragement
  • Challenge of the mis-match between government policy and strategy for education in pastoralist communities and the reality on the ground
  • Political leaders’ commitment is vital at all levels
  • Darsa mentioned the need for longer training of ABE facilitators
  • Mother tongue education should be advertised and promoted on FM community radio
  • Study in Afar language through the faculty of Afar Language in Samara University is a pre-requisite to getting a position as an Afar teacher/ translator
  • Book writing, its progress and the way forward was discussed briefly


Discussion outcomes:


  1. All meeting participants agreed to strengthen working together and to share with APDA the way to overcome challenges
  2. APDA to approach the Bureau Head as regard to the possibility of government supporting training of all ABE facilitators and Afar teachers in Afar Teachers Training College, Aysaqiita
  3. The Afar FM radio is broadcasting on education issues weekly but once there is a budget, dramas and so on should be worked out to advertise Afar education on TV
  4. Context of on-job training should include training on continuous assessment or performance appraisal; vocabulary teaching; teaching methods; education psychology and writing skills
  5. As far as possible, group meetings should resume every 2nd Saturday to take forward all agendas including book writing




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