Afar Pastoralist Development Association
  Durable solutions, November 2022
      Woreda Number of beneficiaries Current status Outcome/ expected outcome  Comment
  1 Livelihood – animals
  1,1 Restocking Erebti 180 HHs in process Conflict destitute have beginning herd 8 goats per HH
  1,2 Konnaba 610 HHs in process 3 goats per HH – converted as per community demand from cash support
  1,3 Awra/ Guulina 180 HHs to start 10 goats per HH
  1,4 Magaale, Erebti 300 HHs to begIn 8 goats per HH
  1,5 Animal treatment Erebti 20,000 HHs ongoing animal disease outbreaks halted and prevented Near destitute HHs get free treatment. Those able to pay charged at cost to paravet
  1,6 Bidu 12,000 HHs ongoing
  1,7 Afdeera 17,000 HHs ongoing
  1,8 Eli Da’ar 22,000 HHs ongoing
  1,9 Magaale 12,000 HHs ongoing
  1.1.1 North Dubte 24,000 HHs ongoing
  2 Livelihood – market, horticultural production of food crops
  2,1 Cooperative support – general purpose Yallo 50 HH active Market in Yallo stimulated to provide local supply and demand 85% of all beneficiaries trained and given start-up/ tools women. APDA providing Izuzu truck to facilitate transport for Konnaba, Dallol, Erebti and Magaale cooperatives
  2,2 Cooperative support – animal marketing 50 HH
  2,3 Cooperative support – veterinary treatment 50 HH
  2,4 Microfinance – petty trade 200 HH
  2,5 Food marketing cooperatives – 3 Erebti 150 HH starting now Provide food at available cost to communities locally
  2,6 Horticulture – growing vegetables, fruit 120 HHs in progress Provide food crops to local community and market
  2,7 Horticulture – growing vegetables, fruit Dallol x 3 sites 114 HHs in progress Market in Dallol and Konnaba revived with locally produced food
  2,8   Konnaba – plant nursery 38 families
  2,9 Cooperatives in food selling Konnaba x 2; Dallol x 1 150 HHs
  2.2.1 Microfinance Dallol, Konnaba 300 HHs in progress poor women get income all women
  2.2.2 Household gardens producing food crops Dallol, Konnaba 300 HHs start once solar water systems in place Konnaba and Adow Kwa’a towns producing at HH level  
  2.2.3 Horticulture – growing vegetables, fruit Garani x 5 sites 250 HHs ongoing Diet diversification, local market stimulated  
  2.2.4 Cooperatives selling food crops grown + petty trade 300 HHs ongoing  
  2.2.5 Cooperatives selling food 2 Magaale, 1 Erebti 150 HHs starting soon local community gets access to food at stable cost  
  2.2.6 300 previous IGA beneficiaries get replaced start-up Magaale – 200; Konnaba – 100 300 HHs to be implemented now TPLF raided 300 IGA beneficiaries leaving them without means to re-start – enabled 85% women
  2.2.7 Horticultural and market training center in Quxxuxayto close to Logya 24 rural sites where water is available  480 HHs First training of 60 trainees starting now Afar pastoralists learn income and food diversity where they have water to grow food crops Project intended to be ongoing – associated with SU and Afar pastoralist and agro-pastoralist research unit
  3 Rehabilitation of grazing rangeland
  3,1 Rediversion of Bagaraba River Sidiica Malif, Awra 3000 HHs completed dried grazing forest rejuvenated  
  3,2 Soil and water conservation: watershed weir constructed and dry stone measures Teeru 500 HHs to begin Grazing rejuvenated for herd  
  3,3 Soil and water conservation: watershed weir constructed and dry stone measures Kori – 2 sites 1,000 HHs to begin  
  4 Improved access to water
  4,1 Rehabilitation of water scheme Guulina and Sifra 750 HHs underway conflict destroyed water scheme rehabilitated  
  4,2 Rehabilitation of water scheme Konnaba – 3 sites 2,000 HHs underway    
  4,3 Securing solar system Dallol, Konnaba 1,500 HHs to begin due to lack of fuel in north, solar system being established  
  4,4 Rehabilitation of water scheme Erebti 500 HHs beginning conflict destroyed water scheme rehabilitated