Provision of the most needed school materials for targeted 15 primary schools in Daalifage and Talaalak districts
New school year with new ingredients stuffs of school materials from Afar Pastoralists Development Association (APDA) to 15 primary schools in Daalifage and Talaalak districts of zone 5 in Afar region, Ethiopia. To contribute ongoing efforts to improve quality learning for learners through trying best level to equip schools with the most needed materials.
APDA provided shelves, students’ compound desk, books, teacher’s chairs and desks, office tables, and etc. beside to that photocopy machine was provided for Daalifage and Talaalak elementary schools in the two towns to solve copying problem in the school.
Therefore, the journey toward improving quality education has been started and will continue to work on it to achieve an end vision of APDA’s Education sector i.e to ensure sustainable quality education for Afar pastoralists children. Through working on the different components of how to improve quality education. Those are improving school facilities, teaching and learning process, training Afar teachers in pedagogy and how to be proud of their profession, increasing community participation as well as ownership in all school matters for the sake of sustainability
Last but not least, together we will get positive outcomes. Because togetherness is the most critical and valuable factor to get fruitful results.